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NOW, You know in life, there are so many things we don’t stop to ponder about.

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One of the obvious, are ‘RAGS’.

NOW, What do you think about RAGS?

Anyway, in Nigeria, I doubt if any house doesn’t have it. I used one in my kitchen this morning and the other as I came out from the bath though I had a set of mops and foot mats.

NOW, There is just this ‘thing’ about RAGS everyone can relate to but it also varies people wise.

To some, they are pieces of abandoned clothing used for moping the floor or dirt


To others, its just an abandoned piece of clothing not good enough to grace their elegant body.

NOW, Whatever RAGS mean to you, its not a good sight to see and I dare say, you wouldn’t want your visitors to see it.

This brings me to a very important point.

You know these old cloths or RAGS lose their colour and tensile or texture strength over time and become MURKY and mostly marshy, when wet or mixed with liquid since they are now very old.

NOW, imagine your younger SISTER or GIRL Nephew or DAUGHTER of between the ages 9 or 12 years, just saw her period and the only thing you could give her, as a LOVING mother, to hold her period, was a piece of this old RAG because you are just too poor to afford a simple N500 or roughly $2 to buy a pack of pad for her?

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NOW, when mixed with liquid, this old RAG becomes MURKY but she wears a dry one around 7am in the morning and would trek for one hour or so to school and would probably hold it till she comes back by 5pm.

That’s one heaven of a MURKY underneath!

NOW, that’s 10hrs of MURKY discomfort but worse, the mix of dirty MURKY with the chemicals of decaying cloth.

Imagine again, the health and sanitary effects.

This would ensure that our TEEN SISTER dreads monthly, the coming of her visitor which ought to be her #RedBestFriend.

She also sees her monthly #RedBestFriend as a burden rather than a blessing which should give her pride that she is getting fertile for the production of future leaders who will one day decide our future when old and feeble.

Imagine once more, if her fellow mates who probably can take care of their monthly #RedBestFriend with a pad, get to hear, see or suspect that our TEEN SISTER uses RAGS….


The shame
The self esteem issues…
The ‘life hates her’ mind music…
The terrible decisions that might be made just to cover shame….


Ladies and gentlemen, the above happens to 15, 000, 000, 000m TEEN SISTERS in Nigeria alone.


In Nigeria alone!

Yes we understand that…

Things might be a little tight

But you can at LEAST spare to GIVE N1, 000 or $4/MONTH. Not for a week, but for a MONTH, can’t you?

Its not worth your next meal at an eatery.

Just N1, 000 or $4/month and do you know what,

You can GIVE N10,000 or $40/Month. Yes you can!!!



GIVE your N1,000 or $4/month and call 9 friends to join you GIVE their N

The beautiful thing is that it takes just 1min to do so AND every currency is accepted from any where in the world.

With N1, 000 or $4/month you will be adopting TWO TEEN SISTERS.

Now everyone…. Very Important!

If you ADOPT up to 50 TEEN SISTERS a month which is N25, 000 or $100/Month, you or your brand would be advertised on our social media channels at least once a day. These includes, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Channels.

If you ADOPT up to 100 TEEN SISTERS a month, N50, 000 or $200/Month, you or your brand would get a one month advert and shout out with our Partner Blog + the above benefits.

If you ADOPT up to 200 TEEN SISTERS a month which is N100, 000 or $400/Month, you or your brand would get a 12 times/day advert slot with Emerald TV and have your brand shown in 48, yes 48 African Countries + the above benefits.

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AND If you ADOPT at all, man or woman, we all get to travel – Ohh, It’s a surprise! Just give and see.

NOW, you know we have been using NOW frequently, that’s because we want you to:


Whip out your card or token, Visit our site at to give, join our other Social Media Channels and lastly but most importantly,


This is the first place LOVE is shown.

You never know who else wants to give his or her token out there to their TEEN SISTER.

Sharing gives another person the opportunity to join you in doing good!!!

Remember, and then

For Facebook.

For Twitter.

We use Paystack for your card.

E mean say, your information no dey go nowhere. E tanda gidigba and nobody go touch am or share am.

We appreciate you for reading through!!! Thank you so much!!!

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